ReallyNiceThings's Manifesto

1. Commitment to happiness. It is true, we confess, we have two obsessions: offering you the most beautiful decoration at the best prices and turning the products into happy experiences. We are constantly taking care of all the details (product selection, customer service, logistics and, of course, the quality of the product) to fulfill our commitment to happiness with you.

2. Made in Spain. Our products aren’t made in giant chains, they are not packaged by huge automated machines, we are not robots. All the Really Nice Things products are made with love and delicacy in Spain by a team of people committed and excited about their work.

3. Planet, we love you. The planet does not take care of itself, we have to take care of it, and we are sure about it: we want to be part of that process. That’s why we believe in local and artisan production to avoid the ecological footprint and to be able to closely control production

4. Fair Price. We bet on democratic design and reasonable prices. Thanks to our low margin policy and direct purchase sources we can offer such competitive prices.

5. Things to build your own planet. We believe it’s essential to create a place where you feel at ease, where you can create your own planet. We offer you the elements and you endeavor to create it to your liking. Because the decoration does not speak.

They talk about us

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