The present Terms of use, Conditions and Privacy Policy govern the use of the website “www.reallynicethings”, which is owed by Adapta Blue, S.L. 
According to Law 34/2002 July 11th, of Services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following data is given: ADAPTA BLUE SL. CIF: B02422061. Inscribed in the Mer. Reg. of Valencia, Volume 8732, Book 6019, Page 129, Sheet V-126332

1. Object.

These Terms and Conditions establish the rights and responsibilities of all the users from Adapta Blue SL, according to the products and services offered thought our website “”

These Terms and Conditions are important both for you and us since they have been designed to create legal binding agreement among us protecting your rights as a customer and our rights as a Company.

We ask you to read carefully the present Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy before confirming your payment for the purchase.

By using the website or making an order through it, you accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, and if you do not agree with all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy statements, you should not make any order.


2. Price.

All the prices of our products are with VAT included.

The prices showed in could be reviewed and modified if conditions require doing it at any time.

The Price of the products will be the one stipulated at that time on our website, except in case of obvious error.

Although we intend to make sure that all the prices showed on the website are correct, there could be errors. If we discover an error in the Price of any of the products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will give you the option to confirm again your order with the correct Price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you, the order will be considered cancelled and you will get the complete amount of money you have paid.


3. Availability.

The products offered through this website will be only available in Peninsular Spain, Baleares and Peninsular Portugal. Consult previously for the rest of the European countries, Canarias Island and Ceuta/Melilla.

On we like to work against our own stock; therefore, you will not have to wait much to receive the purchased product. In any case, in some specific products we have arrangements with partners to manage their catalogue. In this case, the delivery could take a little longer.  Our compromise is to manage your order as soon as possible and keep you informed if there is a problem. 

All the orders of the products are subject to their availability. In this case, if there is any difficulty regarding the supply of products or if there are not products available, we have the right to give you information about quality substitutive products and of the same or superior value in order for you to purchase. If you do not wish to purchase those substitutive products, we will return any amount of money you have paid.    


4. Payment.

The payment of the products could be made following any of the below options

Credit or Debit card (Visa, 4B, MasterCard, etc…)

Bank Wire

Credit/Debit Card Payment 

The charge is via online, it means, in real time, through the corresponding payment platform of the financial entity and once it is confirmed that the information is correct. 

In order to prove the maximum security in the payment system uses secure payment systems of leading financial entities in e-commerce.  

Therefore, the confidential information is transmitted directly and encrypted (SSL) to the corresponding financial entity. The encrypted system SSL we use provides total security in the transmission of information through the red. Your information is totally confidential and protected.   

The credit cards information is not recorded in any of our data bases. They are only used in our virtual POS (Point of Sale) of our financial entity, through your Secure Payment Platform.     

Credit cards are subject to validation and authorizations from their issuer, but if that entity does not authorize the payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery and we could not establish any Contract with you.

Adapta Blue SL reserves the right to verify the personal information provided by the customer and make the decisions that estimates appropriate (including the cancelation of the order) so that the purchased products are delivered according to the information stated in the order.       

Wire Transfer Payment 

The orders confirmed by Wire Transfer will remain registered during 7 days, if we do not receive the payment during that time, the order will be cancelled without previous notice.

It is very important to indicate the purchase number, name/surname in the concept of the transfer in order to identify and avoid mistakes.

If you send us proof of payment to indicating the purchase number you will help us to expedite the delivery because the reception and verification of the transfer could take several days. Therefore, the delivery times can be longer than usual.

The information to make the transfer should be:

-Bank Transfer. Santander Bank.

-Account Number ES92 0049 2728 09 2214034806. BIC BSCHESMMXXX.

-Recipient Adapta Blue SL.

- Concept. Purchase Number. Name and Surname


Use of discount coupons

The discount coupons are not at any time a mean of payment and therefore, are not subject to the same Terms and Conditions as the rest of the payment methods:

a) They are a marketing tool.

b) They cannot be exchanged for Cash.

c) They cannot be used partially, in case using them and not using the total amount, the rest of the coupon is lost.

It is subject to a series of restrictions such as: number of times it can be used, owner of the coupon, due date, minimum order, and brands or categories they can be used.


5. Delivery. delivers the orders by messaging leading companies.

For some categories such as "custom tables" or "chairs" or some products of the category "furniture" and "lamps" whose delivery is outside Spain, shipping will NOT be free and you must contact us previously to quote shipping costs.

We deliver it wherever you want, and if for any reason you are not there, we call you to coordinate a new delivery.

By the way, if you spend your day at work, maybe it is a good idea to indicate where to deliver it at your place of work when you make your order. Remember that the delivery is door to door, the agency does not take it upstairs, and they leave it at the entrance of the building or house.

The delivery of the products will be made to the designated address by you. If the recipient were not there at the time the delivery arrives, a receipt indicating how to proceed will be left to arrange a new delivery. reserves the right to change the delivery type and the Company by which it will be done, regardless the points exposed on these pages and provided that any way will be detrimental to the client.

To the effects of the present Conditions, it will be understood that the “delivery” was made or that the product/products had been “delivered” at the moment of signing the reception at the previously stated address.   

The delivery costs to Baleares can suffer changes according to the volume.

Consult for deliveries to the EU and we will send you a quotation.

We try to adjust the delivery costs as much as possible.

In the case of furniture and due to its size and complexity, the delivery costs are higher than we would like.

When you add the product to the cart you will see the delivery cost of each product.

For bulky products, such as sofas or big tables, it is imperative to take measures of stairs, lifts and doors of access to make sure there will not be problems to take the products inside the house. In that case, is not responsible for the problems.  

Deliveries are not made during weekends or holidays.

The majority of the products on our website are delivered within 48-72 hours (Spain), but we also have products on that are delivered which take more time, for those products it will be specified correctly on the form. These times are an average and therefore estimated and they can vary due to logistical or mayor reasons.

If we could not deliver on time for any reason, we will inform you of this circumstance and we will give you the option to continue with the purchase setting a new date or cancel the purchase giving you back the complete amount of money you paid.

Package. Our products have strong and resistant boxes. The crystal tables are reinforced with wooden panels.

Please, open all the boxes carefully and keep the packaging until you are sure that the product is in perfect conditions.

Recycle. Deposit each material in the proper container.


6. Warranty of purchased products.

According to Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007 November 16th, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Customers and Users, ADAPTA BLUE responds to the conformity faults which may occur within two years from the delivery date. 

In the case of non-compliance, you should inform us within two months from the moment you noticed, sending an email to indicating your information, the purchase number, purchase invoice and the mistake detected. In the case it is a manufacture defect, ADAPTA BLUE will be responsible for the costs of returning the product, as well as the costs of labour and materials.  

The product to be returned must be properly packaged. The packaging must be in perfect conditions and conserve all the accessories and original fittings in order to be returned.

The warranty will not be valid in case there are defects or damages caused by external factors, accidents, electrical accidents, worn, installation, handling and use not in accordance with the Supplier. 

The products which have been modified or repaired by the customer or any other person who was not authorized by the Supplier are also excluded.

You can contact our customer service or send an email to or call us to 96 000 12 09 in case you have questions or need some information.   


7. Responsibility and liability.

The photos and the texts reproduced which represent the offered products are for information only.

ADAPTA BLUE responsibility in connection with any product purchased in will be strictly limited, in any case, to the purchase Price of the product and will not compromise by simple error or omissions that could have taken place, when all the needed precautions had been taken in the presentation of the products.    

ADAPTA BLUE could not be considered responsible for damages, whatever their nature, of material or immaterial or corporal, that could result from the functioning or inadequate use of the sold products. The same is applied to the possible changes made to the products by the suppliers. ADAPTA BLUE could not be considered responsible by a customer or a third party of indirect damages, operating losses or lost profits occurred in through whatever mean, even though, the damage, loss or prejudice was foreseeable by ADAPTA BLUE or if the eventuality had been informed. Subject to the provisions of the previous paragraphs, the responsibility of ADAPTA BLUE according to the present general conditions shall not exceed an amount equal to the amounts paid after the transaction of the origin of the mentioned responsibility, whatever the cause or the form of the action may be.

ADAPTA BLUE could not be responsible for breach of contract concluded in case of shortage of stock or unavailability of the product or force majeure, interruption of business or total or partial strike, especially, of the postal services and means of transport or communication, flood or fire.

The provisions of this clause will not affect your statutory rights as a consumer or your right to cancel the contract.

In case of dispute, the customer could apply, first, to ADAPTA BLUE to reach an amicable resolution.


8. Written Communications and Notifications.

The applicable Laws require that some information or communications sent to you must be written. Using the website, you accept that most communications will be electronically.

We will contact you via email.

We will use the official language of Spain, Spanish, in all communications and the formulation of the contract.

For contractual purposes, You agree with using this electronic communication mean and recognize that all contract, notification, information and communication sent to you electronically comply with legal requirements to be written. This condition will not affect your statutory rights.


9. Cookies. Verify Types of Cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website puts into your computer, phone or any devise, with information about your browsing of the site. The cookies are necessary to facilitate the browsing and make it friendlier, and they do not damage your computer.

Although in the present policy it is used the general concept of cookie, this is the main method for storing information used by this Website, and it is also used in the space “Local storage” of the browser for the same purposes. All the information included in this section is applicable equally to the “Local storage”.    

What are cookies used for on this website?

The cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main objective of our cookies is to improve your existence in the browsing. For example, record your preferences during the browsing and in your future visits.

The recorded information by the cookies allows us also to improve the website, through estimations about the number and patterns of use, the adaptation of the website to the individual interests of the users, accelerating searches…

In some occasions, if we have previously obtained your consent, we can use cookies, tags or other similar devises to get information that allows us to show from our website or other websites, advertisement based in the analysis of your browsing habits. 

What are the cookies NOT used for on this website?

In the cookies used by us, we do no store sensible information of personal identification as it could be your address, password, credit or debit cards…

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this web page?

If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies of this website, taking into account the above limitations, you must disable the cookies on your browser and, then, eliminate the saved cookies of your browser associated to the website.

This possibility of avoiding the use of cookies can be done by you at any moment.

How to disable or eliminate the use of cookies?

You can restrict, block or erase the cookies of this website at any time, changing the settings of your browser according to the stated guide. Although the parameterization of each browser is different, the settings of the cookies are usually managed from the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For further details about the settings of the cookies on your browser, consult the menu “Help”.

What cookies does this website specifically use and why?

Below, you will find the cookies, tags and other devises similar to the ones used by this website, with the purposes information, duration and management (own and third parties) from each one of them.

NID: This cookie is from Google used for private browsing, it is not from, consult the private policy of Google.

_utm: Google Analytics Cookies. The objective of is to recommend and offer the best products to our customer that is why we use Google Analytics to determine which products are most seen by our customers, and we organize the web based on those pieces of information. Google Analytics information is not shared with any external Company.


10. Use of our Website

By using this website and making orders through it, you agree to:

a) Use the website only to make legal consults or orders.

b) Do not make any fake or fraudulent order. If there is a possibility that such an order has been made, we will be authorized to cancel it and inform the pertinent authorities.

c) Provide your email address, postal address and/or other contact information truthfully and accurately. Also, you agree that we can use the information to contact you if it is necessary (see Privacy Policy) 

If you do not provide all the information that we need, we could not complete your order.

Making a purchase through this website, you declare to be over 18 years old and have legal capacity to contract.


11. Returns and right to return.

The return of any product will require the agreement of both parties. will accept the return of the products if:

 - It is within the period stated by Law (14 days) plus 16 days given by our commercial warranties, in total 30 days.

 - The buyer exercises the right of resolution. will accept the mentioned exercise when the goods would be in the same condition as they were delivered and they are ready to sell, with the appropriate original package and in perfect conditions.

 - If the goods were defective, will proceed to replace the product immediately for an identical one, if there were in stock, or return the amount of money if it was not possible to replace the product.

 - will proceed to return the amount of money when for no breach (direct or indirect), would not be able to provide the service.

 - does not admit returns or changes, in any case, of products made to measure.

 - will accept returns of the goods when for reason attributable to the product; the product would not correspond with the ordered by the customer.

 -, according to the Law of Retail Trade as well as the regulated ones by the Community Legislation (Directive 97/7/CE), will not admit returns of the sales of goods that could be reproduced or copied easily and immediately. The goods will be returned with the agreement of both parties. reserves the right to ask for refund to compensate the possible damages of the goods, as well as to recover the direct expenses due to the return.

 - In case of controversy or conflict that may arise from the interpretation or enforcement of the present Particular Sales Conditions, they will be resolved in the Courts of Valencia.

Steps to follow to return goods:

Ask for the return via email to within the 30 days from the day you received the purchase. Please, let us know in the email the order number, product and the reason why you are returning the product, as well as an image of the defect.

Once we receive the request, we will contact you to indicate the steps to follow in case of returning it.

Then, our currier will pick up the product at the time you provided. The expenses of the Courier will be paid by the customer. Prepare the package to be picked up with the original packaging, and make sure that the labels are not taken away and the product has not been used. The return must have these conditions to be accepted.

Once the product has been received and checked in our facilities, we will send you an email informing you the acceptance of the return. 

From that date, we have 14 working days to refund the amount of money of the purchase except the transport expenses, which will only be refunded in case was responsible for the reason of the return of the product. The refund will be completed through the method of payment you used for the purchase.

Failure to meet any of these conditions, we will contact you to offer the option to return the products which were not accepted. All the expenses generated by the return, including the transport of the products, will be on your behalf. If you do not accept this option, can keep the products and the amount of money. 

Returns are not accepted in any type of the following products: 

- Products made to Measure and Customized. The customer has provided the measures or characteristics specifically and the object has been manufactured against those requirements.

- All the tables included in the separate Tables to Measure.



You should not make improper use of the website introducing intentional viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other program or material technologically harmful. You will not try to have unauthorized Access to this website, the browser of the website or any other browser, computer of data base related to our page. You agree not to attack this webpage through denial of service or distributed denial of service.    

Breach of this clause could entail the commission of offences defined by applicable regulations. We will report of any breach of the regulations to the competent authorities and cooperate with them to discover the identity of the attacker. Also, in case the breach of the present clause, you will be automatically unauthorized to make use of this webpage.   

We will not be responsible for the damage or loss resulting from a denial of service, virus or any other program or material technologically harmful which could affect your computer, equipment, data or materials resulting from the use of this webpage or the downloading of content from the same page or the pages you are redirected to.  

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