7 Marble objects to decorate your house.

The new "Must have" elevates the elegance of your home with small pieces but with great prominence.

2. Tray. The boom in natural materials together with the texture and natural elegance of marble surfaces make these small objects unique as well as functional.


They are objects with great decorative power but also have a practical nature. Marble comes to the table with plates, trays, bowls... but it also helps us in the kitchen to prepare our dishes. Colonize all the rooms.

4. Bookend. This object helps us keep our library organized. It is not only a functional element, it also decorates and helps us give style to the furniture and reflect our personality.

5. Candle holder. Candles help create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. With this candle holder give a chic touch to your room.



These marble weights leave the gym to become a decorative object that could be anywhere in the house. Use your imagination...!


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